In his own words:

I’ve been a Christian most of my life.  I enjoyed going to church, I loved preaching and immersed myself in the singing.  I had many friends in the church.  For two years, I experienced a personal struggle about my Calling in life and detached myself from involvement with any church and questioned if my faith was real. Do I really want to continue believing in the Bible and God?

I was prepared to place my faith under the microscope of logic and interrogate it without prejudice.  If what I believed, for most of my life, were untrue then I was willing to give it up because there is freedom only in the truth. 

I was baptised into the Christian faith on 28 November 1987.  If what I believed for more than thirty years was a deception then I was not going to allow myself to be deceived any longer.  I became suspicious of Christianity and my faith, especially when people told me that I must just believe.  I needed to believe the truth and to do otherwise is to be deceived into accepting a “distortion of the truth.”  Emotional intelligence and spiritual balance relies on truth. Truth is sometimes elusive, it doesn’t always fall into your lap. Truth must be sought out and the quest to discover it may shake your foundations and challenge your paradigm.  I decided to let my head do the thinking because emotional reasoning can be misleading. 

Why apply Pressure to my Faith or throw it against the wall?  I felt that if my Faith and Beliefs were resilient, that is, able to ‘bounce back’ after being thrown against the wall of reason, then it would be something worth keeping.  But, if my Faith and Beliefs were made of ‘glass’, fragile  and brittle, then it would shatter to pieces if thrown against the wall. If my faith, would “bounce back” then only would I keep it!  I’ve decided to share this Resilient Faith with the world. This is my Calling.

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