1. Steps to Christ

Steps to Christ  discusses how to come to know  Jesus Christ  at a personal level. It covers the topics of repentance, confession, faith, acceptance, growing into  Christ, and prayer.  In just 13 short lessons,  Steps to Christ will help you discover the steps to find a forever friend in Jesus.

Based on the book: Steps to Christ, this Course will change your life.

While it cost more than $500.00 to produce, it is yours for FREE.

This is a Certificate Course with added benefits when you complete the Course.

2. Worship 101: An Introduction

Do you want to understand what true worship is?  Are you a born-again progressive thinker who wants to see change in your church?  OR Are you tired of this “new” type of attitude towards worship and long for “true’ worship that is not based on emotions? This Course will give perspective on issues of Worship and what is needed to effect a revival in your church.  If you love music and worshiping God then this Course is for you. WORSHIP 101, is a short Introductory Course (18 lessons), which is the prelude to the Advanced Course in Worship (40 Lessons).  

This is a Free Faith-building Certificate Course.

3. Connecting with God through your Unique Personality

Did you know that your spiritual gifts can, most often, be found inside the parameters of your personality and temperament? Therefore, an understanding of your temperaments would allow you to realize your spiritual gifts making you an effective leader and enthusiastic worshiper.

God created each of us unique, yet most prepared spiritual life programs treat us as if we will all seek God in the same way and respond to Him in the same way.  God desires to connect with us individually. Are you a Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic or Melancholic?  This Course is for you!

Did you also know that different personalities do experience God in different ways?  If you want to discover how to relate to God according to the way He wired you then this Course is for you? 

And this Course will also reveal how God relates to you according to the way you are wired.  Don’t hesitate – register now!

4. Christian Stewardship – CS101

In this practical Resilient Faith Short Course, you will discover the fundamental principles of Christian Stewardship.  The growing Christian will learn that Generosity is motivated by gratitude and what it means to be a Manager or Steward.   To understand the reason why God chose to bless Abraham is an applicable lesson for us today.  You will discover that whatever God requires of us, He provides.  The issue of Time and Money will be touched on in the context of Stewardship.

The flow of Christian Giving and what should be the real motivation to give, if you have to give will also be addressed.  Christian Stewardship – CS101 will help strengthen your faith and walk with God.  This short course is intense, to the point, empowering and liberating at the same time.  It is highly recommended for anyone who is serious about partnering with God.