Abandonment in Worship – An Advanced Course in Celebrating the Presence of God




This is much more than a Faith-building Course – it is an Advanced Course in Worship that reveals the deeper aspects of Personal and Corporate worship.  The academic levels in the pew is increasing and if we want to enjoy the full length and breadth & height and depth of worship then our knowledge in the things of God must also increase.  This Course will help you to that extent and bring you into the presence of God. Every person is a Worshiper and a Worship-leader too.  Sometimes we lead ourselves and sometimes we are called to lead others in worship – this course is a must for you!

 1.  Structure of the Course

This Course is structured into forty lessons

Each lesson will be made up of a Reading requirement.  The text for the Reading will be provided.

2.  Assessments

This is an Advanced Course Worship hence the type of assessment is designed not to “test” you but to reinforce the principles from each Lesson/article. The Course is designed for you to pass. It is not designed to penalise you for getting anything wrong but to promote you for getting everything correct.  This is positive reinforcement and the basis of Academic and Spiritual Coaching.  No real teaching takes place until learning has taken place.   This type of assessment is based on the premise: What’s worth remembering is worth repeating.

The type of questions for assessment/reinforcement will be in two categories:

Objective Type Questions: Fill in the Blanks /True or False

Response-based, Self-assessment questions. At the end of the course you will receive a Certificate, which includes automatic registration to an International Worship Conference valued at R6200. 00.  The date and venue will be communicated via email.

Course Content