Connecting with God through your Unique Personality




Did you know that your spiritual gifts can, most often, be found inside the parameters of your personality and temperament? Therefore, an understanding of your temperaments would allow you to realize your spiritual gifts making you an effective leader and enthusiastic worshiper.

God created each of us unique, yet most prepared spiritual life programs treat us as if we will all seek God in the same way and respond to Him in the same way.  God desires to connect with us individually. Are you a Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic or Melancholic?  This Course is for you!

Did you also know that different personalities do experience God in different ways?  If you want to discover how to relate to God according to the way He wired you then this Course is for you?

And this Course will also reveal how God relates to you according to the way you are wired.  Don’t hesitate – register now!