Resilient Faith was designed after God spoke to Paul Charles to use his gifts to build the faith of others and expand the kingdom of God.  While trying to run away from his Calling, God used an unknown old woman, in a bookshop in Centurion, South Africa,  who tapped him on the hand and said: “You are a Pastor, isn’t it?  I can see it.” With a smile she continued: “God’s plan for you did not change.  There are people waiting for you – don’t keep them waiting.  Don’t forget who you are.  God never stopped loving you and His plans for you did not change…” That was a defining moment – a God-moment. 

The Holy Spirit convicted Paul to use his God-given gifts, merge it with technology and not just preach anymore, but train ‘preachers’ and build the faith of others with a systematic process instead of a hit-and-run approach as he has been doing for more than 30 years, hence the Courses.

Resilient Faith is a premium online platform where anyone, from the pulpit to the pew, can experience a growth in his or her understanding of key concepts in the Bible, and also receive training to become effective agents of change in the world.  Resilient Faith is a Capacity Building initiative to systematically empower you to learn and teach at the same time.