More and more people are beginning to realise that their spiritual growth is a matter of personal responsibility. And, something as important as that, which influences all other aspects of their lives, should not be “outsourced” or “delegated”.

If you want to understand and grow in a personal relationship with God and connect with Him in a non-prescriptive way then Resilient Faith is your Supporter. Yes, we play a Supportive role because Resilient Faith wants to help build your capacity to bounce-back and connect with God – in your space and at your pace! We facilitate relationship and connection with God – not membership with a church or institution.

We believe… a growing personal relationship with God is most important – more than anything else-do you?

We believe that none of us are perfect and each of us deserve the opportunity to bounce back in our faith journey. Resilient Faith proactively facilitates this with Courses instead of Discourses.

Why Courses instead of Discourses? Why a step-by-step Learning Experience instead of sermons, cliches, mantras or slogans?

We have learned that taking ownership of one’s personal spiritual growth requires a process and consistence guidance that leads from one growth principle to the next. The effectiveness of the method cannot be denied – especially since it is self-paced. Traditional Sermons are “hit and run” monologues that is garnished with Amens and Handshakes. However, very often Next Steps are omitted because of time constraints and it doesn’t fit with the discourse model. So, most times, people are introduced, inspired and motivated but no one has the the time to “walk with you” to Christ. Churches can “talk’ you to Christ but rarely ‘walk’ with you to Him. That is the ‘gap’ that is filled by Resilient Faith and the goal of Resilient Faith.

We just want to help you and others in your walk with God with confidence – if you will let us – the choice is yours! The reality is that we are different from each other, our needs are different and we are at different points on the continuum of spirituality.

Which church do we connect you with? We help to connect you with Jesus Christ, therefore we do not do any church promotions! That decision, if you make it – should be between you and God. It’s like choosing a doctor – you decide – based on your need and no one knows your need better than you and God!

If you feel that being in a vibrant and growing relationship with God is more important and most critical than mere denomination affiliation, here and here-after, – then you got the idea – We already think the same – let’s be Partners!

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