Dr Paul and Caroline Charles  are Marriage Resilience Coaches. Paul oversees an online ministry:  www.resilientfaith.co.za. They were best of friends in high school and only confessed their love for each after High School. They come from contrasting backgrounds and have been happily married for 25 years. Caroline is a qualified Educator and a graduate in Psychology.

Paul is a Certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator, Marriage Officer, and Certified Ethics Officer. Carol believes that unconditional respect (and love) is important to husbands and Paul believes that unconditional love (and respect) is important to wives. This combined mindset with a common love for God has been their source of marital joy.

Arnaud Moorooven  has served as school chaplain in the Adventist College. He enjoyed organizing seminars for teachers, staff members and students for many years. He is passionate in connecting with others no matter their age, culture and background.  Arnaud,  loves preaching to young people, he is  always excited to share the word of God to others.   

He joined the 1000 Missionary movement for 18 months and then completed his BTH ( Bachelor in Theology degree) in  Central Philippines Adventist College.  He is married to Orély for 7 years and have two beautiful daughters, Leicey (5 years old) and Chäris (2 years old).  Arnaud is serving as church pastor in Mauritius, is a live speaker on AWR and he is passionate about Pre- marital Counseling. Arnaud Moorooven lives on the beautiful island of Mauritius.

Grego Pillay is the lead Pastor at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific, in the North New South Wales Conference.  He graduated, with his Master’s degree in Leadership and Management from the Avondale College of Higher Education. 

Pastor Grego is an accomplished musician (Singer and Songwriter) and His gospel album released was: “Never Let Go”.  He is happily married to Dr Jessica Maistry and they are blessed with two teenage children: Abigail and Jeheil.  Grego is passionate about building people in their faith and understanding of truths from the Bible.

Mr Hermie Muñez is the Lead facilitator for the Course: Christian Stewardship – CS101. Mr Hermie Muñez came to South Africa in March 1988 as a missionary with the aim to serve for a year at Bethel College.  He served as the Treasurer in Bethel College after some time.  In 2006, he was asked to join the Southern Africa Union Conference as an assistant Financial Officer till 2015 where a call to serve in Kwazulu Natal Free State Conference as a Chief Financial Officer. 

Currently, he is serving in Kwazulu Natal Free State Conference as a Financial Officer.  Mr Hermie Muñez is a faithful servant in the Lord’s work with a passion to inspire a true spirit of Stewardship which is his Calling too. For many years, he wanted to be part of a Stewardship program that is intentional, inspiring, deliberate and true to the Bible.  We thank God for modern technology that makes it possible to educate Christians about the true meaning of Stewardship in their homes, offices and churches, through their mobile phone, laptops or personal computers – in their personal space where it becomes a personal matter between them and God.

Ashley Subramanian is a Local Church Elder in Durban, South Africa.  Ashley is passionate about connecting young people to Christ and he is a living testimony of the power of God to change lives.  He is happily married to Dr Shantall Lutchman and is blessed with two children: Zac and Zoe.  
Ashley likes to bring out the best in people and help them discover their gifts so that they can live to their full potential.

Ashley is also a Barber, by profession, and an Entrepreneur who values compassion and spirituality.  He believes that people should see the change without you telling them that you have changed – that is real change.