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Resilient Faith offers Free Resources, Certificate Courses and inspirational devotionals to reinforce your faith and Calling in the Christian journey.  We facilitate a rational and emotional connection with God for those who are seeking a worship experience that transcends a once-a week encounter in church.  Our Courses are designed to help you advance in your faith and empower you in your unique Calling linked to your identity in Christ. We believe that worship should not be confined to a specific time and place.  Instead, worship should be a posture, attitude and lifestyle, seven-days-a-week.
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Premium Certificate Courses are specialized Enabling Courses for Service. Register now to enrich your life and Step-up to your Calling.

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  • Premium Certificate Courses

    Premium Certificate Courses are specialized Enabling Courses for Service. Register now to enrich your life and Step-up to your Calling.

  • Free Faith-Building Courses

    The evidence of completion of a Course is a Certificate.  Resilient Faith Certificate Courses are designed to reinforce Learning, Spiritual growth and Equipping for Service.

    Free Certificate Courses are Faith Building Courses.

  • Testimonials
    • "I Love God and I love His word. I seek to grow spiritually, to experience God on a daily basis and to do his will all the days of my life.  I learnt and enjoyed the Course on Revolutionary Preaching. It gave me more confidence and interest in spreading the gospel. I will strive and pray to always resonate with the sermon/message whenever I preach. Thank you very much. "
      Tobias Malenya
    • "My name is Esther Murugi Waithera, one of your students in revolutionary preaching. I have a degree in pure mathematics.  I thank God for the opportunity to learn.  I have learnt a lot and more so to stand before the class and pass a message to them. It takes courage to do so. For a long time I have believed that I can't pass a relevant message to people (coz I am not a good public speaker) but I thank you for the opportunity/challenge. Now I know that with practice and good preparation I can do it. Thank you once again for the challenge. I wish we could be having more time to do it once again. "
      Esther Murugi Waithera
    • “ My name is Peter Gachuba. I am a state officer currently working as a Commissioner in the Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) which is a constitutional commission mandated to make recommendations about revenue sharing between the National Government and County Governments. I have learned various methods of preaching and particularly that preaching need to be Christ-centered and it’s all about people. ”
      Peter Gachuba
    • “I was part of the Revolutionary Preaching class during the Camp meeting in Calvary Gardens.I am a Geomatics Engineer, currently working with The United Nations Children Education fund (UNICEF) in Eastern and Southern Africa Region as a planning and Monitoring specialist. The Course was quite revolutionary to me. I now feel enlightened and ready to heed the Master’s call to preach the Gospel to the glory of God. The Course answered my salient fears on preaching and revelation of how to approach a sermon whenever called upon. Thank you for the offer to train us and may God bless you.”
      Shem Maangi Okiomeri
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