Revolutionary Preaching in a Secular World




Do you desire to learn how to preach? Were you ever asked to preach?  Do you preach? Do you what to improve the gift God has given you?  Do you want to shine in your Calling as a Preacher of the Gospel but cannot go to “school’ to take a Course in Preaching due to time and financial constraints? If you have answered Yes, to any of the above questions then this Course is for you.  The School has come to you.  This Online Course will change your life and lives of those you preach too.

Ordained Pastors preach less that 8% of the total number of sermons in local churches, in any given week.  Of the total number of Preachers, less than 7% have received formal training.  Preaching is not the exclusive domain of the Clergy anymore.

This Course is designed to “bridge-the-gap.” While the quantity of Preachers increase, there must be an equal increase in the quality of Preaching.  Revolutionary Preaching is intended for Pastors and regular church members.  The landscape of the church and world has changed and so must Preaching, in order to remain effective.

This is an intense Course for those serious about the topic and their Calling and want to be a sharper instrument in God’s hand, as an effective agent of change.

It is a Premium Course that would usually cost over ZAR 4000 but is made available to you for only ZAR950.00 to issue your Certificate.

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